‘General Information’

New Added Procedure for Boil Orders

When any boil order is initiated, Holiday Shores Sanitary District will notify the Holishor Association office so it can be posted on the Holishor Association Facebook page. Most boil orders are in effect for a 24 hour period, immediately following a loss in water pressure during a water main repair.  These repairs are usually involving a small number of homes between two …

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Please do not use powdered detergents

Holiday Shores Sanitary District Powdered detergents and cleaning or baby and Sanitary wipes that say they are flushable can clog up your grinder pump.  This will cause the alarm to sound or cause a back up into your house.  Please do not use any type of powdered detergents, including pods.  Please do not flush any type of cleaning wipes, baby …

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Tours set for sanitary district’s new facility

On Nov. 19, between 10 a.m. and noon, residents of Holiday Shores are invited to an open house to tour the new $4.7 million dollar Holiday Shores Sanitary District water treatment plant that went online July 1. District water customers who attend the open house will be eligible to sign up to win the door prize – one month of …

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