Grinder Pump Info



In order to provide you with suitable wastewater disposal, your home is served by a low-pressure sewer system.  The key element of this system is the Grinder Pump unit.  The tank collects all effluent from the house.  The solid materials are then ground to a small size suitable for pumping as slurry with the effluent water.  The Grinder Pump generates sufficient pressure to pump this slurry from your home to the Holiday Shores wastewater treatment lagoon.

Care and Use of your Grinder Pump

The Grinder Pump is capable of accepting and pumping a wide range of materials.  However we require that the following items should never be introduced into the sewer either directly or through a kitchen waste disposal unit:

  • Glass
  • Diapers, socks, or rags
  • Metal
  • Plastic objects (toys, utensils, etc.)
  • Seafood Shells
  • Sanitary napkins, tampons or condoms
  • Powdered soaps & detergents
  • Kitty Litter
  • Cooking grease or oil
  • Any rocks or grit-substances

In addition, regulatory agencies require that you NEVER introduce into any sewer:

  • Explosives
  • Strong chemicals
  • Flammable material
  • Gasoline
  • Lubricating oil and/or grease

Pump Failure Alarm

Your Grinder Pump has been manufactured to produce an alarm signal in the event of a high water level in the basin.   During the interim prior to the arrival of an authorized service technician, please refrain from using water.

If you experience a Grinder Pump failure alarm, please call the Holiday Shores Sanitary District office immediately at 656-4933.  We will dispatch our repair personnel to correct the malfunction.  If no answer, please listen to the entire message for a phone number to reach our repair personnel.

Any abuse or neglect of the Grinder Pump will result in a charge for repair and/or replacement of parts and labor.

Periods of Disuse

If your home or building is left unoccupied for longer than a couple of weeks, use the following procedures:

Purge the system:

Run clean water into the unit by running a faucet in your sink or tub until the pump activates.  Immediately turn off the water and allow the Grinder Pump to run until it shuts off automatically.

Power Failure

Your Grinder Pump cannot dispose of waste water without electrical power.  If electrical power service is interrupted, refrain from using water.