Meeting Minutes 10-12-2015




Monday, October 12, 2015

The Board of Trustees of the Holiday Shores Sanitary District met on the above date in regular session pursuant to laws and rules of said Board of Trustees and in accordance with the terms of the notice of regular meeting.

Richard Hayes, President called the meeting to order.  Trustees present were Jeff Sedlacek and Dennis Van Sandt.  Also present were Carla Lankster, District Clerk, and Ken Dulle and Kevin Dulle of Du-Con.


Mr. Hayes said that Bob Lowrance, President of Holishor Association suggested that the Sanitary District write a letter requesting a vote on the Lake Draw Down at the Annual Meeting.


The minutes of September 14, 2015 regular meeting were submitted for approval.  Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to approve the minutes for the September 14, 2015 regular meeting.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The Summary of Accounts was reviewed for the month of September, 2015.  No motion necessary.


After reviewing the disbursements for the month of September, 2015, Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to approve the September 2015 disbursements.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

Du-Con submitted Invoice No. 10-8, dated October 11, 2015, for the month of September, 2015 for managing and operating water and wastewater treatment.  Mr. Sedlacek made a motion to approve Du-Con invoice No. 10-8, dated October 11, 2015.  Mr. Van Sandt seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The water and sewer applications for September, 2015 were reviewed, and included 9 customer transfers.  Mr. Sedlacek made a motion to approve the September, 2015 applications.  Mr. Van Sandt seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.


The Certificate of Deposit for Water Deposits is maturing October 23, 2015.  First National Bank of Staunton has the best APR of 4 Banks checked.  There was a 27-month, special CD at 1.21% and an 18 month CD at .90%. The Bank of Edwardsville was closest at .65% for 24 months and .40% for 18 months.   The trustees agreed that the 27-month CD at 1.21% would be the best choice.  But the rates are subject to change before the maturity date, and it may be better to go with the shorter 18-month CD.


There was a discussion regarding security cameras in the office.  Ms. Lankster requested a bid from Phone Masters, who installed the alarm system on the office in 2007.  For 3 High quality Cameras, hardwired to a DVR with 8 channel and a Monitor, installed, the bid was approximately $4,750.00.  There was no budget for security cameras, and the District does not want to spend a lot of money on a system.  The other option would be a wireless system from Sam’s, which would cost about $400.00.  Denny Van Sandt suggested using one of our old computer monitors, instead of buying one.  The Trustees agreed that the system should be purchased at Sam’s and Mr. Van Sandt said he could install it.

The Du-Con Contract for Operations Management will expire in September 2016.  The contract was discussed at the September meeting and the rate increase will be effective September 1, 2016.  The new contract was presented by Mr. Kevin Dulle.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the Du-Con Contract, effective September 1, 2016.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The Fiscal Year 2015 Audit Report will be presented at the November Meeting.  Ms. Lankster discussed a couple of items on the unofficial audit draft.  The General Fund was hit with unexpected legal expenses, which went over the Budget.  Also in the Water Fund, there were some items from the old water plant that were depreciated over 40 years and had not yet been written off.  That will cause a bottom line paper loss, but the cash budget for Water Supply is in good shape.

Employee Health Insurance with be up for renewal on December 1, 2015.  Five options were considered and renewing the current plan was the least expensive option.  The renewal is not a part of the Affordable Care Act, and it may not be available for renewal in 2016.  The other 4 plans were under the ACA and were more expensive and had less coverage.  The current plan was a 17.1% increase over last year.  The ACA plans were from 18.5% increase to 40.1% increase.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the renewal of the current Employee Health Insurance Plan with BlueCross BlueShield.  Mr. Van Sandt Seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


There was a continued discussion of solutions to the possible problems with the water plant production when the lake is lowered.  If there would be an emergency situation, Holiday Shores could purchase water from Fosterburg, but there would be a large expense of adding Chlorine back into the water after the long distance through the lines, among other costs, which would have to be charged to customers.

The Sanitary District is no longer in violation with the IEPA.  One more test sample will be taken in October, and that will be a full year with no violation.

One of the Air Conditioner and furnace units is the original from when the office was built.  There have been some major repairs recently and will continue to get more expensive.  It was discussed that we should consider replacing the unit before it fails or needs more costly repairs.  The Trustees do agree that the unit does need to be replaced.  There will be further discussion at the November meeting.


Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.

Respectfully submitted, Carla Lankster, District Clerk