Meeting Minutes 3-14-2016




Monday, March 14, 2016


The Board of Trustees of the Holiday Shores Sanitary District met on the above date in regular session pursuant to laws and rules of said Board of Trustees and in accordance with the terms of the notice of regular meeting.

Jeff Sedlacek, President called the meeting to order. Trustees, Richard Hayes and Dennis Van Sandt were present.  Also present were Carla Lankster, District Clerk, and Ken Dulle and Kevin Dulle of Du-Con.



The minutes of February 8, 2016 regular meeting were submitted for approval. Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the minutes for the February 8, 2016 regular meeting.  Mr. Van Sandt seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The Summary of Accounts was reviewed for the month of February, 2016. No motion necessary.


After reviewing the disbursements for the month of February, 2016, Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the February 2016 disbursements. Mr. Van Sandt seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

Du-Con submitted Invoice No. 3-7, dated March 10, 2016, for the month of February, 2016 for managing and operating water and wastewater treatment. Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to approve Du-Con invoice No. 3-7, dated March 10, 2016.  Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The water and sewer applications for February, 2016 were reviewed, and included 5 customer transfers. Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to approve the February, 2016 applications.  Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.



Ms. Lankster put a notice on the HSSD Website that we will let Holishor Association know if there is a boil order, at the request of Laura Scaturro at last month’s meeting. They can put it on their Facebook page, but it must be detailed as to which houses are involved.  This will be in addition to the procedures we already follow.  We either call the customer or place a door hanger, and let them know that the boil order is in place until 3:00 PM the next day, in most cases.  We would contact the customer again if the boil order would have to be extended.  Mr. Dulle commented that we do more than necessary, already.


Mr. Van Sandt started a discussion regarding a small quarterly notice in the Holiday Times, especially regarding a power outage and the grinder pumps. Since Laura Scaturro is concerned about more communication than what we already do, could she help us get a community service notice in the Holiday Times that we would not have to pay for.  It would not have to be monthly, but quarterly, informing the residents of important issues.  Mr. Van Sandt was particularly concerned about stating if your power goes off, your grinder pump goes off and you must limit your water use or you will have a back-up.  He heard from several people that did not know that, even though we tell every new customer and give them a Red User Instruction sheet for the grinder pump system, which does include a paragraph regarding a power outage.  Mr. Hayes is also ok with a notice, as long as we don’t have to pay for it.  It is a public community announcement.  We gave them $12,500.00 to help pay for the Morning Glory, and we pay $800.00 – $1,000.00 to publish our CCR report annually.  They should be willing to let us make a public service announcement, on a quarter of a page, once every three months.  Maybe Laura can help us get that since she is chair of the communications committee.

Express Kitchens and More gave HSSD a bid to repair and clean up the atrium foyer area. The windows have been leaking, there is some brickwork that needs to be done and there is mold on the walls.  The bid was for $2,000.00.  They also looked at the caulking around the other 12 windows on the building that needs to be cut out and replaced with silicone.  The Trustees agree that it needs to be done, however Mr. Van Sandt wanted some kind of a guarantee.  Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to approve the bid, as long as they give a guarantee. Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all trustees voted “Aye”.

For next Fiscal Year’s budget, the Trustees agree that the inside of the building needs to be painted and the bathroom in the back needs to be cleaned up, painted and maybe new tile.


Ken Dulle discussed the Deerfield and Midway area getting fiber optic lines put in by Madison Communications by a company out of Wisconsin. Many of the clay tile sewer lines were not put in by The District, therefore we are not able to mark all of the main lines in that area.  The lines do not have tracer wires so they cannot be marked.  There is a chance the contractors will hit some of the lines and they will have to be repaired.  Since the lines will not be marked, the contractor will not be responsible if they hit the lines.


Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting. Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.

Respectfully submitted,

Carla Lankster, District Clerk