Meeting Minutes 8-13-2018




Monday August 13, 2018


The Board of Trustees of the Holiday Shores Sanitary District met on the above date in regular session pursuant to laws and rules of said Board of Trustees and in accordance with the terms of the notice of regular meeting.

Dennis Van Sandt, President called the meeting to order.  Trustees, Richard Hayes and Jeff Sedlacek were present.  Also present were Carla Lankster, District Clerk and Ken Dulle of Restoration Resources.  Customer Robin Adair of 669 Monaco was also in attendance.


Mr. Robin Adair of 669 Monaco was in attendance to discuss a sewer back-up at 1338 Caribbean, which he owns.  When he pulled up in the driveway at 1338 Caribbean, the light was on, but he barely heard the alarm, even when he got out of the car.  The pump had failed, but the alarm sounded.  The pump and the alarm panel were replaced.  He claimed the back-up on his own insurance, and he is requesting The District to pay $500.00 of his $1,000.00 deductible.  Mr. Van Sandt stated that we are working on a policy for sewer backups.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to pay the $1,000.00 deductible.  Mr. Adair stated, “If you give me half of it, Rich I’d be happy.”  Mr. Sedlacek said “I was going to say, I’d split it.”  Mr. Van Sandt said “That’s what I was thinking, too.”  The motion on the floor is $1,000.00 to be reimbursed.  Mr. Sedlacek and Mr. Van Sandt would not second the motion.  Mr. Van Sandt made a motion that we split the cost of this with Mr. Adair and that we pay $500.00 and he pays $500.00 of the deductible.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

The discussion continued regarding the sewer backups.  Mr. Hayes said that this discussion has been going on over a year, and we still do not have a policy.  Mr. Hayes mentioned taking on the Greenville, IL policy, but they have a gravity system, and not grinder pumps.  Greenville and Edwardsville have policies that they will not pay for sewer backups.  Mr. Dulle asked if we are to the point that we are going to pay for the deductible if it is our fault.  If the alarm and light work, we will not pay anything.  Mr. Van Sandt stated that is correct, but it would be a case by case basis.  He also stated that we would not pay for anything over $1,000.00, and that we recommend that everyone has sewer backup insurance.  Mr. Dulle said we would have to get a letter out to everyone.  Mr. Hayes said we first have to get a policy in place, because it has been a year and we have not done anything about it.  Mr. Van Sandt said “Let’s get this done.”  Mr. Dulle will start on a policy and a letter, then we will talk with Bob Perica on any legal issues involved.


The minutes of July 9, 2018 regular meeting were submitted for approval.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the minutes for the July 9, 2018 regular meeting.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion, and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The Summary of Accounts was reviewed for the month of July, 2018.  Mr. Dulle asked about the CD’s that we have, and the interest rates.  Mr. Hayes said we should check into any other options we might have, to invest the money in.  No motion necessary.


After reviewing the Accounts Payable disbursements for the month of July, 2018, Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the July 2018 disbursements.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

The Aptean – USTI invoice for the new billing procedure was presented for signature.  The amount billed for postage and postcard bill printing for July 2018 was $549.94.  No motion is necessary, but must be signed by a Trustee, since it is over $500.00, and Mr. Van Sandt signed the invoice.

The Aptean – USTI invoice for the annual maintenance fees was presented for approval.  It is in the amount of $4,405.91 and is for software maintenance and updates on the USTI accounting software.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the Aptean – USTI annual software maintenance invoice. Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye.”

Restoration Resources submitted Invoice #636, dated August 4, 2018, for managing and operating water and wastewater treatment in July 2018.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve Restoration Resources Invoice #636, dated August 4, 2018.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye.”


The water and sewer applications for July, 2018 were reviewed, and included 9 customer transfers in Holiday Shores and 3 customer transfers in the Paddock Creek area.  Mr. Sedlacek made a motion to approve the July, 2018 applications.  Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.



The policies and procedures for Sewer Backups was discussed during the Open Forum.

After Ms. Lankster contacted the adjuster for the sewer backup at 1999 Treasure Drive, the Dimond Bros. adjuster sent a Release of All Claims to HSSD stating that the claim was complete.  The release was dated 3/22/2018 and received by HSSD 8/9/2018.


An email was received through the HSSD website from a representative of Illinois American Water, stating that he was looking for ways to partner with local communities.  Mr. Hayes said this is very unprofessional, and we should not respond unless he sends a formal letter, with his qualifications, asking to speak with the Trustees.


Mr. Dulle updated the Trustees on the Chlorine Feed System at the Water Plant.  We budgeted $50,000.00 and will probably meet that budget.  As of the end of July the expenses so far are $35,831.88.

Mr. Hayes received phone calls regarding Holishor Association closing two beaches over the weekend due to e-coli in the water.  Mr. Dulle said there is e-coli all the time in the lake, but HSSD does e-coli testing twice a month and there is no e-coli in the drinking water.

Mr. Van Sandt asked about the percentage differences on the Water Consumption report.  The percentages often fluctuate, and Mr. Dulle said it depends when the meter readings are done.  Overall, the percentages are much better since we started the drive-by meter readings.


Mr. Hayes made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion, and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

Respectfully submitted, Carla Lankster, District Clerk