Meeting Minutes 5-9-2016




Monday, May 9, 2016


The Board of Trustees of the Holiday Shores Sanitary District met on the above date in regular session pursuant to laws and rules of said Board of Trustees and in accordance with the terms of the notice of regular meeting.

Jeff Sedlacek, President called the meeting to order. Trustees, Richard Hayes and Dennis Van Sandt were present.  Also present were Carla Lankster, District Clerk, and Ken Dulle and Kevin Dulle of Du-Con.



The minutes of April 11, 2016 regular meeting were submitted for approval. Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the minutes for the April 11, 2016 regular meeting.  Mr. Van Sandt seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The Summary of Accounts was reviewed for the month of April, 2016. No motion necessary.


After reviewing the disbursements for the month of April, 2016, Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the April 2016 disbursements. Mr. Van Sandt seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

Du-Con submitted Invoice No. 5-11, dated May 1, 2016, for the month of April, 2016 for managing and operating water and wastewater treatment. Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to approve Du-Con invoice No. 5-11, dated May 1, 2016.  Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The water and sewer applications for April, 2016 were reviewed, and included 8 customer transfers and 3 New Holiday Shores Construction customers and 1 new sewer-only Midway/Moro customer. Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to approve the April, 2016 applications.  Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.


Update of customer accounts over 90 days past due. Ms. Lankster did not have a print-out of the accounts, but stated that the past due accounts for April were around $4,700.00.  They have been anywhere from $4,500.00 to $5,300.00 in recent months.


Mr. Hayes asked if we have taken any bids on new tile in the back bathroom or painting the offices. We have not.  Mr. Ken Dulle stated that we will probably not replace the bathroom tile, because the guys are constantly tracking in mud, and it would end up just as bad as it is now.  Ms. Lankster said that we are putting about $5,500.00 into the budget for next year, which begins 7/1/2016, for painting and carpet. Mr. Hayes said we really need to do some work to make it look better.  Nothing has been updated since the building was built in 1990.


A preliminary Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 was presented to the Trustees. Revenues will be up due to new home construction and a 4% rate increase beginning with the 7/31/2016 billing.  Mr. Hayes asked if we have noticed an increase in revenues due to the new water meters over the past year.  Mr. Kevin Dulle asked about the water pumped from the water plant compared to what we actually bill for since the new meters and ERT’s were installed.  That would also affect the revenues.  It has been fluctuating due to timing of the readings compared to the water plant readings being taken at the end of the month.  The percentage difference was up to over 11% prior to the meter installation, but in the past year has been down below 10%, so it is getting better.  We continue to change out some of the old meters that are having issues communicating with the ERT’s.

An amount of $30,000.00 was included in the 2017 FY Budget for the purchase of a new pickup truck to replace the 2003 truck that Dallas drives. As a government municipality, we can purchase a truck through the state for less.  Ken Dulle also mentioned the amount to be added to the budget for maintenance on the newer Water Tower.

Ms. Lankster requested that the Trustees look over the preliminary budget for any changes or additions that should be made before the next meeting.


The breaker at the water tower keeps tripping and not communicating with the water plant. The engineer suggested trying a new circuit breaker before doing anything else.

Mr. Hayes asked how many customers/houses have been added in the past 10 or 20 years to Holiday Shores. Ms. Lankster will look at past reports to find out the information.  There were about 3 years in which approximately 30 homes were being built each year, from about 2002-2005.  Otherwise about 3-7 homes are added each year.


Mr. Van Sandt made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting. Mr. Hayes seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.

Respectfully submitted,

Carla Lankster, District Clerk