Meeting Minutes 1-13-2020



Monday January 13, 2020

The Board of Trustees of the Holiday Shores Sanitary District met on the above date in regular session pursuant to laws and rules of said Board of Trustees and in accordance with the terms of the notice of regular meeting.

Richard Hayes, President called the meeting to order.  Trustees, Jeff Sedlacek and Brennan Murphy were present.  Also present were Carla Lankster, District Clerk and Mr. Ken Dulle of Restoration Resources, Operations.



The minutes of December 9, 2019 regular meeting were submitted for approval.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve the minutes for the December 9, 2019 regular meeting.  Mr. Murphy seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.


The Summary of Accounts was reviewed for December, 2019.  No Motion necessary.


After reviewing the Accounts Payable disbursements for the month of December, 2019, Mr. Sedlacek made a motion to approve the December 2019 disbursements.  Mr. Murphy seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

Restoration Resources submitted Invoice 656, dated January 13, 2020, for water and wastewater operations management for December, 2019 Operations.  Mr. Hayes made a motion to approve Restoration Resources Invoice 656, dated January 13, 2020.  Mr. Murphy seconded the motion and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

The USTI-Central Square invoice for e-printing the monthly bills for the month of November 2019, in the amount of $552.46, was approved and signed by Mr. Hayes.

APPROVAL OF APPLICATIONS                                                                                                                                            The water and sewer applications for December, 2019 were reviewed, and included 6 customer transfers and one New Connection in Holiday Shores.  Mr. Murphy made a motion to approve the December, 2019 applications.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion and all the Trustees voted “Aye”.


First National Bank will soon become Associated Bank.  They sent a Securities Pledge form, which was signed by Jeff Sedlacek.  The Pledge covers the current balance in the accounts for Holiday Shores Sanitary District.



The election of officers took place at the December 9, 2019 meeting, and was clarified prior to this meeting, to be effective January 1, 2020.  Mr. Richard Hayes will be the President.  Mr. Jeff Sedlacek will be the Treasurer.  Mr. Brennan Murphy will take the position of Vice President.  Mr. Sedlacek made a motion for the election of officers, and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

There have been excessive expenses at the water plant during the past two fiscal periods, and the water plant loan continues to be paid with funds collected specifically for the water plant and water reserves.  These funds are decreasing and there has not been a water rate increase in over two years.  In addition, the monthly water actually used has dropped over the past ten years, also decreasing revenues.  This is probably due to water saving appliances that are being used.  After some discussion, it was decided that an ordinance amendment will be written up for the February meeting to increase the water rate by 8% and the sewer rate by 2%.  There will also be a change to the size and price of one of the Grinder Pump concrete tanks.  Mr. Sedlacek made a motion to approve an ordinance to be written for an 8% increase of the water rate and a 2% increase of the sewer rate.  Mr. Murphy seconded the motion, and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

One other change for the rates will be an increase for the fee to file a lien and release a lien.  Madison County increased their fees by 62 percent. Therefore, the District will increase the fee from $50.00 per instance to $100.00 per instance to cover the fee plus administrative expenses.  The Right of Way Easement fee will also increase from $37.00 to $60.00 per instance.


Mr. Dulle stated that there were no major operations issues to discuss.


Mr. Murphy made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting.  Mr. Sedlacek seconded the motion, and all Trustees voted “Aye”.

Respectfully submitted, Carla Lankster, District Clerk